Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Personal finance for foreigners - Opening day!

Hello reading world,

After years of enjoying some truly wonderful personal finance blogs, I have decided to start my own. This blog will be devoted to personal finance from an international perspective.

As an expatriate for the last several months and for at least the next two years, I have found there is just not enough readily available information applicable to my banking, my finances, and my life. There isn’t the kind of information that I want and need all wrapped up in a single site.

This blog will explore topics that are particularly important to those living abroad but still financing, in some way, at home. I will explore strategies for dealing with student loans, credit cards, money transfers, 401(k) management, IRAs, savings, spending, and more, all while living away from (at least some of ) your banking tools.

My hope is that although this blog will be relevant to those who find themselves banking cross-nationally, there will be discussions that are germane for those who are not. I hope that these tips, strategies, and discussions can help anyone, expatriate or not, with their finances.

Many thanks, and I hope to post my first ‘real’ post soon!

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