Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Earn More While Abroad

I haven't posted in a while, for a variety of reasons - most of them fun, but a few annoying. A little over a week ago, my apartment got broken into and my old, worn, trusty dell laptop got stolen, along with quite a bit of my jewelry, my camera, and iPod, and with them a friend's possessions including her computer. Most of my things I don't care too much about, but my computer is how I talk to my family. Luckily, I was able to get a computer within a few days of the original theft.

Since then, I've been spending a lot of my free time earning extra money to help cover the cost so I don't feel like I've wasted my savings buying a new computer. With the economy how it is, it's getting more difficult to get extra work. At the same time, the dollar keeps rising, making that extra work abroad worth less. On that note, I thought I would share some websites, some of which I have used and some of which I have heard good things about, to earn extra money back in the US.

1. Demand Studios - A content writing website. To join, you have to submit an application with a writing sample. After approval, you can pick articles to write that generally pay between $5-15. You can also submit your own articles to write. I've been doing this for a few weeks and have found that it's becoming easier to knock out one or two articles in an hour. I've been making about $100 per week on this, though I'll probably settle into just writing a few articles a week. Payment is by Paypal.

2. GlobalTestMarket is a survey website I have had a lot of good experience with. It's a simple application and I get surveys an average of a few times a week. Each survey is worth between 30-150 points. Points are redeemable for cash at $.05 a point, with a minimum cash-out of 1000 points. It sounds confusing, but I've made $250 on this from taking surveys about once a week. I've also gotten to see some cool movie previews (such as 300) way before they came out. Payment is by check to your address.

3. ChaCha is a website serving a texting service. You will need to complete a test before you can work there. The test is not easy, but is doable if you can use Google searches effectively. Once in, you get between $.10 to $.20 per search. Searches range from topics requiring no research ("does Johnny like me") to ones that could test your quick-physics-solving-ability. You get to pick which questions to take. It costs $2 to get paid instantly or you can get a free online payment when you've made $100 - I haven't gotten to either point yet.

4. Caio is a website that won't get you rich, but will earn you a bit of passive money. It's a review site where people earn money based on the ratings and pageviews of their reviews. I wrote about 20 reviews for products that I loved, liked, or hated over a period of about a week and haven't touched it since. I've been earning about a dollar a week from it. Payment is by Paypal.

5. Shutterstock is a website that I have not had much success with given my inability to a good photograph. However, I have heard good things from people who use this as another passive income. If photography's your thing, it will be worth the effort. To apply you need to submit 10 photos, of which 7 have to be approved. I don't know much about payment through here, as I haven't earned anything but have heard good things about it.

To find a job that's in your field, try googling freelance [and your job interest here]. For instance, by searching "freelance writing", I found this site, where I've managed to get three small jobs - better than no small jobs - and have made $100 in three weeks. As a caveat, Paypal may charge some fees to get paid, but it's better than not getting paid at all!

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